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Tree nursery H&B Plant

We, at Tree nursery H&B Plant from Randwijk (Opheusden area) Holland, are supplying our customers with high quality trees, plants; having upright trunks, full crowns and a finely-branching root system. Our trees are two, three or four times transplanted. Thanks to our large own nursery and an enormous network of carefully selected suppliers, we can offer you a complete package, our assortment includes avenue, ornamental and park trees in different species and sizes. Supplied from stock to nurseries throughout the whole Europe. Beside of the above called trees we are also able to supply you with solitary bushes, multistem bushes and hedging plants in different kinds and measures.

Our promises to you:

As experienced nurserymen we commit ourselves to grow the highest quality only. From our point of view it does not make sense to deliver a beautiful product in low quality. Offering a good service is important, both to you and to us. A timely delivery is important, we understand that since we are receiving plants as well. Do you want to pick up the plants yourself or do you need us to arrange the transport? We will advice you what is the best solution in your particular case.

How to get in touch with us:

Through this website we would like to inform you about our company. A downloadable stock list is available on each page. We are looking forward to help you out in case of any needs. We would like to invite you to send us your requests, orders, questions and/or comments through one of the options below

Fax: +31 488417295
Phone: +31 488417290