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The Davidia genus is following the “list of Woody Plants (version 2016-2020)” cultivated in one species called involucrata, of which also are known two cultivars namely Kylee’s Columnar and vilmoriniana. There are also two other cultivars available in Dutch nurseries, namely Crimson Spring and Sonoma.

This page shows a number of Davidia-species we offer in our assortment.
Is the species you are looking for not displayed? Please do not hesitate to ask us for it.

Davidia involucrata

    – Davidia involucrata

With thanks to our broad network of suppliers we can also provide you with the following cultivars:

– Davidia involucrata Kylee’s Columnar (growing as a column)
– Davidia involucrata Sonoma (flowering on young age)
– Davidia involucrata vilmoriniana (very similar to the species)