Our strength

The strengths of H&B Plant

Where quality is concerned, at Tree Nursery H&B Plant Randwijk we set ourselves the highest standards. You can see that when you visit our nursery. For example, each tree is transplanted every three years, developing a finely-branching root system as a result. And that is no superfluous luxury, because it generally results in their successfully taking root. The trees are pruned carefully to develop a full crown. To guarantee a beautiful, natural crown, the planting distance is considerably greater than average. In this way, the trees receive more light and space. And that’s one of H&B Plant’s greatest strengths – the quality of our products.

As experienced nurserymen, we are proud to offer a top quality product. And as committed service providers, our focus is on service. We arrange the transportation of the trees and fine-tune our logistics to meet your specific requirements. We visit you at least once a year. In an informal meeting, we assess your demands, give you advice and share knowledge. Not a bad way of doing business, season in, season out, we think you’ll agree.

Want to know more? You can reach us through info@hbplant.nl

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